International symbol for ‚Electric (vehicle) charging facility/point or station’

the image shows the graphical symbol TS0460, to be used for Electric Vehicle Facilities, Stations or Points

The graphical symbol TS0460 soon to be internationally standardised for use on road signs. → Dieser Text ist auch in Deutscher Sprache abrufbar. The United Nation’s Group of Experts on Continue ReadingInternational symbol for ‚Electric (vehicle) charging facility/point or station’

Electric (Vehicle) Charging Station – Symbol Proposal

Compilation of examples in use and proposed Tern Symbol

Proposing a symbol to stand for “Electric (Vehicle) Charging Station” to be used internationally on road signs and other signage. Multiple criteria fulfilled safeguard an enhanced performance of the symbol to support the sensorial and cognitive requirements of drivers in today’s demanding road environment. Continue ReadingElectric (Vehicle) Charging Station – Symbol Proposal