Dear interested Visitor,
Thank you for stopping by. This page is set to explain elements of my work as a researcher and developer of visual design applications, and to share updates about these topics.

The core aspect of my work certainly is the MOA Design Method with its game changing effects on the perception of visual information in public space. It evolved from my participation in two international EU research projects SOMS/In-Safety and Safeway2school (8 years in total). In the following years, I refined the MOA Method for application on Variable Message Signs displaying road signs via Light Emmitting Diodes (LED) through further research in 2019, leading to a complete redesign of ASFiNAG’s road sign depictions for LED displays which I conducted in 2021. Currently, negotiations to standardise these road sign depictions in Austria commence at FSV.

Meanwhile, the MOA Design Method was introduced in 2021 in easily applicable form into Austrian Standard A 3012, to establish the barrier-free display of visual information on every visual orientation system in public space in Austria. With this, it is the first country to cater for persons with visual acuity as low as visus 0.1

Alongside the above, due to my expertese, I became an Expert on the United Nation’s Expert Group on Road Signs and Signals, which had the single goal to update the UN’s Convention on Road Signs and Signals of 1968. This, after seven years, concluded in 2022. Among my contributions is the sign for electric vehicle charging station.

Another very tangible result of the MOA Design Method is the set of graphical symbols (“pictograms”) called Tern Symbols, which exceed the currently established level of visibility. This is highly valuable for the provison of barrier free graphical information, and in high risk situations as in road traffic, available at the online store terntype.com

Currently, I am an:

  • Expert on the United Nation’s Expert Group on Road Signs and Signals
  • Vice Chair of Austrian Standards Institute’s  (ASI) Committee 133 for “Public Information“
  • Member of AA Stb10 of FSV, Austrian Expert Group on Road Signs]  Member of ASI’s Working Group 211.11 „Variable Message Signs“
  • Member of ASI’s Working Group 178.04 „Mountain Bike Signage“
  • Guest lecturer at Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien)


Stefan Egger