This section reflects research aiming at improving visual information provision and understanding thereof.

In SOMS/in Safety and Safeway2school, European research projects of the sixth and seventh research programme, both lasting over three years, efforts were taken to improve visual information for road signs. IIID, the International Institute for Information design provided the framework for the research done.

Activities following in the years thereafter aimed at further detailing the knowledge on the subject, driven by the original vision of practical impelementation of research results, in order to make improved visual information available. So, on national (Austrian) level, two studies were recently carried out:

FSV comissioned a study on the effect of information clutter on additional panels of road signs, and how to improve the situation. The Report is completed and will be uploaded to this section. In addition, I conducted a live test on the discriminability of symbols used in depictions of road signs on LED-full matrix Variable Message Signs, which produced prinziples on how to improve such depictions (report to be posted in this section).

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