“Europeanisms” – traffic relevant vocabulary identified and investigated by INFOTERM for understanding throughout Europe – can be vocalized. Exception: Abbreviated SI units, they cannot be vocalized, but have a clear verbal equivalent. This facilitates verbal communication as needed by text-based systems (like RDS) and voice supported (in-car navigation) systems.

Europeanisms as proposed by INFOTERM for use on Variable Message Signs (VMS throughout Europe):

Meaning Existing in Harmonization
@ Internet access available – to be harmonized
BUS bus Vienna Convention (VC), ISO – as Tern Symbol figure (acc. to ISO 7001)
CARAVAN caravan VC, ISO 7001 – as Tern Symbol
(city) centre – as Tern Symbol 4.12 (variation according to national ortho­graphy acceptable)
CONTROL Control – should be considered
ENTRY entry to a building – should be considered
EXCEPT except for … VC – as Tern Symbol 4.3, a green “tick”
EXIT exit from highway, building… Symbol for “exit” on motorways in confirmed countries: A, D, CZ, ES, F – as Tern Symbol 4.8
FULL e.g. parking area full – should be considered
GRATIS access/use etc. free of charge – should be considered
h hour DIN 1355, ISO/R2015-1971 – as given (left)
H / HALT halt (bus, tram etc. stop H=hospital in VC, or H= heli­copter landing (not an issue for road scenarios) according to VC: vehicular symbol instead of “H” (as Tern Symbols for Bus [also ISO], Tram (Tern Symbol, …
i /INFO information (point/available/…) Symbol: ISO 7001 – as in Tern Symbol
km kilometre (per hour etc.) SI, ISO and VC – as in SI, “km” in lower case characters
m metre/meter SI, ISO and VC – as “m” in lower case character, acc. to standards
METRO metro, underground VC not possible, show local carrier logo combined with METRO as in Tern Symbol
min minute ISO 31 (series) – confusion with “minimum” must be avoided
NO not permitted, not allowed, denied as symbols in VC Annex 1, Chapter C harmonize for provisions not touching VC Chapter C
– as Tern Symbol 4.3, a red “x”
OIL Slippery road due to trail of oil – to be harmonized
OK permitted/allowed Other provisions in VC – as Tern Symbol 4.3, a green “tick”
parking (area/building/…) VC None, harmonisation given.
P+R park-and-ride confirmed countries A, D, DK, FI, HU, NL, SE, UK as Tern Symbol (acc. to VC)
POL / POLICE police 0 – to be considered
RADAR radar(surveillance) – as Tern Symbol 3.1.3
RADIO Traffic broadcast + frequency – should be considered
SMOG polluted air antiquated type of pollution – should be considered
SOS emergency (telephone, vehicle, …) Antiquated sea distress signal since GMDSS (1999) – should be harmonised
STOP “stop” sign VC – is given, however, variations in size, etc. should be harmonized
t ton (weight limit) SI – as given (left), as lower case character
TAXI e.g. “for taxis only” Verbal: VC, Symbol ISO 7001 – “TAXI” in upper case characters (variation according to national ortho­graphy acceptable)
TEL telephone VC, ISO – as Tern Symbol figure 3.3.4
TRAIN Train (crossing…) VC, ISO 7001 – should be considered
TRAM Tram/Tram stop VC, ISO 7001 – as Tern Symbol
TRUCK Lorry, truck – as Tern Symbol element
via “reach [location ] via [location B]” – “via” in lower case characters only
WC toilet (available…) ON – as Tern Symbol
ZONE e.g. parking zone VC – as in VC in upper case characters

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