International symbol for ‚Electric (vehicle) charging facility/point or station’

The graphical symbol TS0460 soon to be internationally standardised for use on road signs.

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the image shows the graphical symbol TS0460, to be used for Electric Vehicle Facilities, Stations or Points
Tern Symbol TS0460

The United Nation’s Group of Experts on Road Signs and Signals has agreed (see ECE/TRANS/WP.1/GE.2/44, item IV.7 and Informal Document No.4) on this symbol to be proposed for inclusion into the United Nation’s Convention on Road Signs and Signals, to be used to represent electric (vehicle) charging facilities on road signs.

This is the necessary step for world wide standardisation of the symbol, which is available here.

Previously, the symbol entered into Austrian Standard A 3011 „Public information Symbols“ on 2nd October 2020 (Report on the 16th Session of Committee K133, item 9, document 133_N0156), Austrian road traffic law, road sign § 54 m), and RVS 05.02.12.

For a related post from 2015, see here.

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