Tern Symbole für österreichische Verkehrsbeschilderung übernommen

65 Tern Symbole für die Verwendung auf österreichischen Verkehrsschildern verbindlich vorgeschrieben. Hier sind sie. Continue ReadingTern Symbole für österreichische Verkehrsbeschilderung übernommen

Tern Symbols adopted for use on road signage in Austria


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65 Tern Symbols have been decreed mandatory for use on Austrian road signage.

On 16th March 2020, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy and Mobility decreed the guidelines of RVS 05.02.12 to be mandatory for use on direction signs and additional panels posted alongside urban and rural roads. This includes 64 Tern Symbols.

Further more, on 3rd July 2019, RVS 05.02.13, applying to Austrian motorways (‘Autobahnen’) was enacted by the Ministry to be mandatory. Included Tern Symbols comprise a subset of the 64 symbols, plus TS2440.

Inclusion in the guidelines was granted due to Tern Symbols’ properties of improved visibility compared to other available symbol sets. This provides drivers with more time to understand and respond during approach of a road sign.

65 Tern Symbols included in Austrian guidelines RVS 05.02.12 and RVS 05.02.13
  • Tern Symbols of RVS 05.02.12 and RVS 05.02.13 are available here.
  • Properties of Tern Symbols are explained here.
  • Decrees of the Ministry on FSV website: RVS 05.02.12 and RVS 05.02.13 (click on ‘Verbildlichkeitserklärung’, PDF, German)

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